The Wooden Marble Runs are high-quality 3D wooden puzzle kits, when complete are intriguing and fascinating to watch in operation - very "Heath Robinson"

Each of the 4 kits is slightly different but generally they have clever mechanisms which lift the steel ball bearings/marbles and a series of tracks, drops and shoots take the ball bearings down to the bottom before they are lifted back up.

The intricate marble run lift, wheel and cog mechanisms are operated by hand using a crank. They are however easily adapted to be powered by an electric motor or even, as I have done, using a model live steam engine (also available for sale), see pictures and Facebook Video.

The kits are produced from precision laser cut plywood sheets and the parts are easily removed from the sheets. The kits are straight forward and fun to assemble and as they require no cutting and minimal tools are suitable for children ages 12+ (preferably with adult help - potentially also younger children).

I found some parts needed a little wood glue (not included) to create a more robust finished marble run and with hundreds of parts a bit of patience.....

Excellent printed step by step assemble instructions are included - assembly time 6-10 hours (it took me approx 8 hours with some fettling).

Overall a great gift for ALL ages to create something that not only provides education and satisfaction to build but entertainment to demonstrate to friends and family.

Product Details:

- Package Size:320*235*50mm; 

- Material: laser cut plywood; 

- Recommended ages:12+ (with adult help especially for younger children); 

- Assemble Size & Wood Pieces:

Kits on offer:

- LG501 Marble Parkour/Waterwheel Coaster:255*235*185mm  233pcs

- LG502 Marble Squad/Cog Coaster : 255*235*185mm 233pcs

- LG503 Marble Explorer/Lift Coaster:255*229*204mm 219pcs

- LG504 Marble Climber/Tower Coaster:255*229*204mm 227pcs

What's in the package: 

- Laser Cutting Plywood; 

- Assembly instruction;

- Wooden Tools, Steel Ball Bearings, Steel Shafts, Screw Nut, Wax, etc.

Wooden Marble Run - Marble Explorer/Lift Coaster

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