Dynamo/Generator and Street Lamp

Complete, working and ready to use.


Working model dynamo, hand crafted solid metal construction. Cast alloy body and solid brass fittings.

The dynamo outputs DC up to around 12 volts, enough to power the lamp and additinal LEDs, and will run from most small model steam engines.

Approx dimensions are Height 190mm, Width 75mm, Length 85mm

Brass Electric Lamp

The lamp is handcrafted and made from solid brass. Fitted with a large warm white 10mm difused led giving it a classic warm glow and a look to compliment any model.

Height is approx 150mm, the base is 28mm diameter and the lampshade is 31mm diameter. The base has three counter sunk holes for 3mm screws. The lamp will run on 3-12 volt DC.

Dynamo and Lamp

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