Chiltern Model Steam Engine Boilers are complete with all the fittings needed to power our own and other model steam engines. The Live Steam boiler just needs to be connected to the engine and supplied with a Propane/Butane gas supply (optional gas and steam pipes are available).

The horizontal 5 inch Model Steam Engine Boiler has been professionally manufactured to the highest standards. The manufacturer is the leading provider of model steam boilers in the United Kingdom.

The model Live steam engine boiler is a twin horizontal centre flue boiler with two gas burners. It can be used to power the twin cylinder engines, the Stuart D10 and similar steam hungry engines and also for marine applications/boats.

The price  includes the boiler fittings (safety valve, water level gauge with blow down/fill valve, pressure gauge and steam outlet valve), gas burner/Injectors and superheater coil.

All boilers are fully assembled, tested by the manufacturer and come with a Boiler test certificate and instructions.

Optional extras include gas canister regulator and pipe, ready made copper steam pipe (with connector for specific engine) and mounting kit (brass boiler bands and aluminium cradle).


  • Boiler diameter 5"
  • Height overall 11"
  • Length overall 11"
  • Flue 2 x 1 1/2"
  • Total volume 1.7 litre
  • Working pressure 60psi
  • Test pressure 120psi
  • Superheater coil
  • Boiler fill clack Bush
  • Removable chimney

NOTE: The model steam engines and boilers are NOT children’s toys and should not be assembled or operated by children unless under close supervision of an adult.

5 inch Horizontal Boiler Complete

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