About Us

Who we are - a supplier of model engineering live steam products and educational materials.

Located in the English Midlands, not far from Ironbridge where the industrial revolution started, Chiltern Model Steam was established to:

  • Design and manufacture a range of live steam model engine kits, modular in design and produced in large enough volumes to make them affordable - at prices that just covers our costs.
  • Produce materials that can be used in education using the model steam engines as a focal point of learning - available free of charge.

As one of the founding ideas behind Chiltern Model Steam is education, see our Educational page. In assembling the models we hope our customers will learn the basics of how steam engines work, their mechanical principles and how the various components are manufactured.

We hope to continue to build on this package of materials which can be used in schools and museums to help in some small way to inspire the next generation of Brunel's, Stephenson's and Watt's.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to run or help you run a session for your establishment.

Please note we are a small family run outfit operating at very low levels of profit. Given that we therefore have to earn a living from other sources, please be patent in your communications with us but rest assured you will not be ignored (usual technical failings permitting).