As well as our 3" Horizontal Electric Boiler we are also developing a 4" Vertical Mains Electric Model Live Steam Boiler to run our stationary engines.

Electric steam boilers have a number of advantages over conventional gas or sold fuel fired boilers:

  1. They are safer to use having no flame and can be operated indoors without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  2. Like an electric kettle, they are quick and easy to get up and running
  3. They are cheaper to run - mains electricity is considerably less expensive than gas from cannisters
Both boilers will come without their heating elements in place - boiler testing and certificates will be done as per our other boilers.

The elements will however be easy to fit and wire up by a suitably competent person.

Steam output is regulated using a variable mains AC voltage controller. Future development will be a mechanism to cut the power when the water level goes below a minimum level - as per gas fired boilers, this will have to be done manually on initial versions .

Contact us if you are interested in or have questions about the boiler.

Electric 4" Vertical Boiler

Conventionally manufactured in silver soldered copper, the mains electric 4" vertical boiler will have approx. 500ml capacity and run at up to 50psi, see photo of the prototype below.

It will have a 700 watt concealed kettle heating element - like a modern kettle this is fixed under the bottom boiler plate, i.e. not directly in contact with the water.

Our initial testing has been very successful, so we hope to have them available first quarter 2022 - video to follow shortly.

Your suggestions are welcome. please contact us.