Model Steam Engine Photos and Videos sent by our generous customers

Thank you to all those customers who took the time to send us pictures and video of their completed engines and boilers - and very fine they are too.

Please re-visit this Gallery page as we will be adding further pictures as soon as we can.

Click on the images to get a larger view or to get the video to play, then click "BACK" in the browser to return to the gallery.

From Jim E, a stunning example of one of our beam engines.

Also click on photo to see the engine running.

From Mark T, one of our first customers and has bought several models since this one.

From Harry O, "I am really pleased how the engine has turned out".

From Allen B, "It runs beautifully and continues to give me pleasure both running it and maintaining the polish. Thanks for your help in accomplishing this project."

From Andrew H, "A great model to build - 10 out of 10. I don't know how you do it for the price. Very many thanks."

From Dave B, "Runs nicely on 2-3lbs. What discount can I get on a third one?......Regards" (Dave has bought several engines from us)

From Denis O, one of our many overseas customers, although originally from UK now lives in Canada. Also bought a boiler.

From John S, "Really enjoyed putting this together with my son over the bank holiday weekend."

From Steve R, "Very pleased with results, thanks for your service and help. regards"

From Steve W, "High thanks for the engine. Runs fine on compressed air. Thanks"

latest video of our 3.5" Boiler powering our Mill Twin Model Steam Engine"

latest video of our 3.5" Boiler powering our Marine Twin Model Steam Engine"

latest video of our 3.5" Boiler powering our Marine Single Model Steam Engine"