Model Steam Engine Parts

    Single or sets of partsAvailable to purchase for your project

    We often receive requests for individual parts for specific live steam projects that model engineers are working on - everything from stationary engines to traction engines and locomotives. All the parts used in our models are available to purchase individually.

    Many of the parts are common to all models, for example cylinders and valves and some specific to an engine type, for example the bases.

    As with our kits, all parts are fully machined but will require "finishing" and of course many need modification to meet specific project requirements.

    Prices are shown below (excluding P&P), but We don't yet have the capability to take payment for parts on-line, just complete kits. So please contact us for payment options and discounts available for large orders.

    All parts are of course subject to availability.

  • Parts price listFor our Model Engines

    Description Material Dimensions Picture Unit Price
    Vertical Twin Base Plate Steel   £TBC
    Vertical Single Base Plate Steel   £TBC
    Horizontal Twin Base Steel   £TBC
    Horizontal Single Base Steel   £TBC
    Vertical Base Top Steel   £TBC
    Vertical Crosshead Slider Brass   £TBC
    Horizontal Crosshead Slider Brass   £TBC
    Flywheel Twin Cylinder Brass   £TBC
    Twin Cylinder Crank Steel   £TBC
    Flywheel Single Cylinder Brass   £TBC
    Single Cylinder Crank Steel   £TBC
    Con Rod, Bearing Halves, Keep Brass, Bronze, Steel   £TBC
    Slider Cap, 2 Spacers Brass   £TBC
    Eccentric Rod, Wheel, Plate Brass, Steel   £TBC
    Valve, Chest Stainless Steel, Brass   £TBC
    Inlet/Outlet Stub Pipe Brass   £TBC
    Piston, Shaft, 2 Rings Brass, Stainless Steel, Teflon   £TBC
    Cylinder, Inner + Outer Plates, Packing Nut Brass   £TBC
    Main Bearing (Upper, Lower Halves) Bronze   £TBC

    Screws can be included if required.